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You have to be from the seventies to really appreciate this film. It is hard to believe but we used to think this way. Paul, the guru, appears to be a genuinely kind man–sensitive enough not to push people when they don’t need pushing but strong enough to say when enough is enough. Nevertheless, you must be kind when viewing this self-indulgent flick. Here, are people stripped (quite literally) and trying to cope with what turns out to be their own deamons. Nevertheless, these straight people reach their limits–and while there is one gay fellow exploring his world–in the end, their limits are, well, limited–which is to say, it is kind of a chick flick which some may find daring and others, well, interesting.


First of all, this movie calls itself “The Fetish Set” in the title and end sequences and the commentary; somebody tacked on the “Darker 50 Shades” to sell more copies, I guess, but it has NO resemblance to “50 Shades of Grey.” Best single word description: UGLY. Rape, rape, murder, murder, rape, murder, all done off camera (we just get to see the results). Brief nudity here and there, and the first scene is the “fetish set” of the title (meaning naughty behavior in lingerie); otherwise, four not-too-young female characters stay fully (and boringly) clothed and bawl their heads off, one of them through the entire movie. We try to find something to admire in these characters, thrust as they are into terrible situations, but their attempts to cope are pathetic. The principal actor, Glenda изтеглен файлGaleano, has a Spanish accent that kept me from understanding a third of her dialogue, so I missed some of the plot connections; even if I could understand her, I don’t think I would understand the motivations for a lot of the actions in this storyline. The final twist and suspenseful ending might have worked if the movie that preceded them had been totally different.